Notice Regarding the Revamped Chat App User Protection System
2017.06.29 (UTC+09:00) View 3907
Hello, this is the ONE store Developer Center.

First off, we would like to extend our appreciation to our valued sales members who have given significant contributions to our ONE store Developer Center.
In order to preserve a safe and reliable environment for users to enjoy our app market, we would like to inform you of the Korea Communications Commission's improvement plan for notice requirements, which includes the standardization of damage prevention for chat app users.

■ System Improvement Plan
 - When using the chat function within the app, notices of warnings and sanctions must be sent.
 - Provide measures to prevent damage to users by encouraging the implementation of chat blocking and reporting functions.

■ Recommended List of General Expressions and Notices
 - Unwholesome acts such as slander, abusive language, obscenity, and advertisements are subject to sanctions according to the operation policy. Please do not disclose payment information and personal information to others as damages may occur.
 - General notices that include content related to ethics, personal information, and payment information protection must be provided. However, in the event it is difficult to display the notice due to the size of the chat window, etc., the notice can be modified in a way that it does not significantly interfere with the content or scrolling function.

■ Please note
 - Please be aware that any verification requests for apps that have not applied the system improvement plan will be rejected.

The ONE store Developer Center will strive to provide you with better services in the future.

Thank you.

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