The Rapidly Growing ONE store

Meet the Opportunity to Grow with ONE store,
Korea's Leading App and Game Distribution Platform.

Korea's Leading App Marketplace

Established in partnership with Korea's three major mobile carriers (KT, SK Telecom, LG U+) and Naver,
this app marketplace is committed to growing together with developers to deliver greater benefits to customers
through mutual cooperation.

Developer-Friendly Policy

To help developers earn more revenue, we have implemented a fee discount policy.

The App Marketplace's
Exclusive Developer-
Friendly Fees Policy (80:20)

Acceptance of
Developer's Own
Payment System

Half Fees for Small
and Medium-Sized

Fees for the Media
Ecosystem Win-Win
(as low as 6%)

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Various Benefits and
Convenience Options

A variety of perks and payment methods
are provided to make it easier and more cost-effective
for users to enjoy content.

Benefits and payment methods may vary depending on
the service country/region.

Benfits Daily offer checks, Carrier membership discounts,
personalized offers, and free points.
Payment Methods Various payment methods, including direct carrier billing,
easy pay, credit cards, and cultural gift certificates.

Support for Various Types of
Apps and Platforms

We support Web 3.0 games with growth potential
and assist in designing creative revenue model.
Additionally, we provide a platform for
distributing Windows-based games.

We prioritize compliance with the regulations of
the service country/region regarding Web 3.0.

Greater Opportunities,
ONE store Global Platform

To offer the best apps and a variety of offers to a larger customer base, we are expanding our service to more countries/regions.

ONE store Alliance,
the Global App Market Community

ONE store Alliance collaborates with global brands
to support the success of games and apps.