Notice: Registering Tax Information and Deleting TIN Information Per Territories
Apr 30, 2024 (UTC+09:00) View 2510
Dear ONE store developers,

As ONE store expands its service to more Countries/Regions, we are improving our functionality to systematically manage tax information. Please refer to the information below.

Guide to Registering Tax Information
We have added functionality to enter tax information by Countries/Regions.
Providing tax information is optional, but it affects how taxes are collected and reported, so if needed, please submit it through the tax information menu.

 - Targets: Developer members who have entered settlement information
 - Method: My Account > Membership Information > Tax Information tab
    1) Click the [Register] button of the territory you'd like to enter the tax information for and enter the tax information.
    2) After the registered information is verified, it will be reflected in the following month's settlement.
    3) For more information, please refer to 'Settlement Information' in the developer guide.

Guide to Removing TIN Information
The functionality to enter TIN information is currently being provided to developer members whose country of citizenship is not South Korea.
This functionality will be removed. Please note that entered information can be checked until May 2024 through 'My Account > Membership Information > Settlement Information'. (Planned to be deleted in June)

We will always strive to do our best to provide better services.
Thank you.