Notice on the expansion of countries/regions we support (Taiwan)
Apr 23, 2024 (UTC+09:00) View 3180
Hello. It's the ONE store Developer Center.
ONE store is planning to launch our service in Taiwan in June. We have partnered with one of Taiwan's largest game publishing companies, HAPPYTUK, to prepare a store service optimized locally. If you enter the Taiwanese market through ONE store, you can immediately use the payment methods being used locally. In addition, ONE store is planning to provide various promotions in the Taiwanese market to help developers succeed.
A new distribution countries/regions has been added
- Added countries/regions: Taiwan 
- Added date: April 23rd, 2024
If you add a distribution countries/regions in advance, your product will be automatically distributed during our official launch in Taiwan, scheduled for June.For more details, check out the following.

Overview of the Taiwanese store Launch
- Service open date: Scheduled for June 3rd, 2024
- Service name: Kuailewan store (快樂玩STORE) 
- Suggested language: Chinese (Traditional)

Taiwan Distribution Policy and Development Guide
Before registering your product, please check the App Registration and Mgmt. guide. There are minimum requirements before you can publish in Taiwan, so check these before distribution.

We have prepared a guide to refer to when you distribute your product in countries/regions other than South Korea. After you have distributed your product to Taiwan, please request a review.
- Development Guide: Development tools Korean, English, and Traditional Chinese
- Taiwan Review Guide: ONE store Review Guidelines
- Service Fee Rates: Global Platform Service Fee
- Frequently Asked Questions: Global Platform Help

Localization is very important for maximizing your sales.
The best method is to provide the recommended language for Taiwan, Chinese (Traditional). Providing English at the very least and changing the default language to it is also a good method.

Developers, provide your best product to the users in Taiwan and seize your opportunity for growth with ONE store.
Thank you.