Revised ONE store Global Review Guidelines and Unification
Feb 6, 2024 (UTC+09:00) View 1749
Hello, this is the ONE store Developer Center.

We would like to inform you of the upcoming changes to the 「 ONE store Global Review Guidelines」 in accordance with the revised 「GAME INDUSTRY PROMOTION ACT」, effective March 22, 2024.

After the effective date of the Act, developers selling games in South Korea are required to adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to comply with these requirements after the effective date may result in restrictions on product sales.

[Effective Date]

March 22, 2024


1. Disclosure of the odds of receiving ‘Randomized Virtual Items’ 

 - (NEW1) Apps offering mechanisms (including, but not limited to, “loot boxes”) designed to allow users to receive Randomized Virtual Items through purchase must clearly disclose the odds of receiving those items in advance of, and in close and timely proximity to, that purchase.
 - Location: ONE store Global Review Guidelines > Juvenile protection > Disclosure of the odds of receiving Randomized Virtual Items 
 - (NEW2) Games with Probabilistic Items must disclose the types of items (capsule items, enhancement items, and merge items) and provide information on obligatory labeling set forth by law, including the odds of receiving each type of Probabilistic Item, in advance so that game users can easily recognize them.
 - Location: (Global) ONE store Global Review Guidelines > Appendix > Policies to be complied with by country according to the laws and regulations of the service country > South Korea > Compliance with Probabilistic Items Act

2. Unification of Domestic and Global Review Guidelines

We will consolidate the Review Guidelines that are separated into domestic and overseas guidelines into a single, unified guideline. The contents of the Unified Review Guidelines will align with the contents of the current ONE store Global Review Guidelines and will be named 'ONE store Review Guidelines'.

We are committed to delivering improved services and appreciate your cooperation in ensuring compliance with the updated guidelines.

ONE store Developer Center