Beta·Indie Game Zone

In order to foster the growth of the mobile gaming industry and create
an environment for developing and offering more valuable games, we
support beta games and indie games.

Beta Game Zone

We support mobile game beta testing and offer various participation benefits.
Join us at ONE store to enhance the quality of your game and grow.

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Application Requirements

  • Any game developer who wants to enhance their game's quality and interact with users before official service(Korea) can apply.
  • Only free games with no in-app purchases are eligible.
  • There are no genre restrictions for applications.

Selection Criteria

  • Games must be amenable to gameplay improvements through user interaction.
  • Prerequisites include difficulty balancing, thorough QA, and server testing.

Process Flow

  • App Registration > Application Submission > Announcement of Selection Results > Listing in the Beta Game Zone > User Play > Survey Response > Distribution of Participation Rewards

Participation Benefits

  • By participating, you can receive ONE store Points as a benefit.
  • Outstanding beta games selected will receive additional benefits, such as special
    awards and press release distribution.

You can find more detailed information
about Beta Game Zone in the FAQ.

Indie Game Zone

A dedicated exhibition space for developers creating indie games,
allowing users easy access to a variety of indie games.

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Games to Be Featured

  • All games from ONE store(Korea) can be featured

Selection Criteria

  • Games are selected every month based on ONE store's internal review team's own criteria.

You can find more detailed information
about Indie Game Zone in the FAQ.