Notice on Change in Withholding Tax Criteria for Residents in Taiwan
Jul 1, 2024 (UTC+09:00) View 996
Hello, this is the ONE store Developer Center. 

We would like to inform you that there is an obligation to withhold tax on developer earnings generated in Taiwan. 

The criteria for determining residency based on tax information (TAX ID) and imposing withholding tax have been changed as follows: 
1. Target: Developers residing in Taiwan
2. Details: 



Withholding tax of 3 to 6% could be imposed on developers' settlement amount based on the possession of a Taiwan TAX ID and the PG payment method. 

Withholding tax will be imposed regardless of residency in Taiwan, and a withholding tax of 0 to 6% could be imposed on developer's settlement amount depending on the payment method.

Effective Date: Transactions from June 2024 onward 
We will always strive to provide a better service. Thank you.